What Mediation Can Do For You:

  1. Provide you with a settlement advocate
  2. Getting the other party to the table
  3. Coordinating document exchange
  4. Provides a safe and confidential meeting environment
  5. Saves time and money
  6. Helps you avoid going to court

Why Mediation Works

The Mediator plays the role of a catalyst, initiating ideas and motivating the parties to achieve the common goal of settlement. At the same time, the parties maintain collaboration with the dispute, while the mediator helps facilitate the process. Contrary to court intervention, any solution is possible in mediation, depending upon the interests of the parties. What’s more, a mediation session can be scheduled quickly and is often resolved in a short period of time.

“Mr. Stierle provided our organization with the support to navigate through one of the most difficult conflicts in our company’s history. I am grateful for the time and money saved during his mediation process.”  
Jonathan Kraut, Net Check Investigations

Bill Stierle is called upon to mediate high profile and sensitive disputes in the areas of business, personal conflicts, entertainment and government.

Since 2000, Bill has brought his unique blend of determination and creativity to ending bitterly fought lawsuits. His demeanor, empathy and interpersonal skills enable him to be a great communicator. He has the rare intellectual ability to synthesize complex issues and distill them in a form easily understood by the participants.  

Known for his exceptional understanding of interpersonal dynamics and the ability to grasp the most complex issues he has been continually sought after to resolve the most difficult matters in the area of business disputes, medical malpractice, class action, personal injury and family law cases.  Bill has the ability to reduce the emotional load in the dispute and allowing him to identify the most effective and timely means to achieve settlement.

As a master of the process and settlement, he has a unique talent for blending his understanding of the parties’ needs with his extensive knowledge and experience regarding the way people think, behave and the understanding of each participants beliefs that may be preventing resolution. His determination mixed with ease under pressure makes him the ideal mediator to resolve even your most contentious disputes.

Conflict Resolution works with:

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